By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The government rebate program "Cash for Clunkers" is set to end Monday, but car dealers said they hope consumers will continue to drive cars off lots long after the rebate cut-off date.

David Stanley General Sales Manager Matt Baker said he watched the car industry make a 180 degree turn since the "Cash for Clunkers" program started.

"This years been a down year for our industry as a whole. No doubt about it," Baker said.

The huge success is why Baker along with dealerships across the country is hoping the end of the program doesn't mean the end of sales. However, critics of "Cash for Clunkers" have feared all along that the program might just be a small, short-lived boost to the economy. That is something Baker said he knows is a real possibility, especially at a time when car sales tend to be down.

"Going into the slower months, we're always a little cautious going into the winter time," Baker said.

But at the same time, Baker said he recognizes the program did what no dealership's sale could do, which was moving cars off the lot.

"Just the incentives that have come out from General Motors, and I know Dodge and Ford feel the same way. We're looking to finish the year strong," Baker said.

Many dealers said now that the federal rebate program is ending, their biggest fear is not knowing when they'll be reimbursed by the government. Baker said David Stanley Chevrolet is currently waiting to be reimbursed close to $250,000.

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