This is one of those stories that in order for it to make sense, someone's not telling the whole truth.  It truly has turned into a "he says, she says" deal.  The one thing I take away from it is if you're going to pay with cash, you have to have a DETAILED receipt.  If the customer had one (or a canceled check), it would be an open and shut case.

I couldn't fit Aaron's entire statement in the story, so here it is:

I was just as concerned as Ms. Mabie when she first told me she went into one of my store locations and paid an associate 300.00 and they claimed the computers were down, and did not give her a receipt.  After an investigation including reviewing the video cameras, and determining no associate fit the description she gave me, and confirming the computers were never down,  I had no choice but to dismiss the allegations as false.  I talked with her and she did not seem real concerned. 

A few months later when Ms. Mabie made the same allegations, this time claiming 500.00 was paid to another location and again claiming that the computers were down, I was skeptical of the allegation, but to protect the customer and companies interest I had the Tapes reviewed again only to find she did not come in again as she claimed.  I told her the 2nd time of my findings and reminded her of her last allegations, and she became irate and ended communication.

I'm not sure what Ms. Mabies intentions are, but she still has an active account and we will still treat her respectfully, she can call me directly for her balance and we will still allow her an early payout option.

     J. Richard Baze       OKLAHOMA CITY RM