EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond's Pelican Bay water park was closed Tuesday because the city failed to pay a license fee to the county health department, a city spokeswoman said.

"The problem is we forgot to pay a bill," said Edmond Assistant City Manager Steve Commoms.

The Mclendon family was looking forward to taking a trip to Edmond. After lunch the planned to cool off at Pelican Bay. But when Cathryn Mclendon and her kids arrived, they saw an empty water park and a closed sign.

"It just said pool closed and I don't really see an explanation," Mclendon said.

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department shut down the park Tuesday morning because of the unpaid fee.

"The City of Edmond wants to assure all residents that there is no health or safety issue with the aquatic center," City spokeswoman Ashleigh Grove said. "We regret any confusion, inconvenience or concern caused by this error. It was an administrative error that occurred due to new staff managing the facility this year."

The bill is a $100 license fee that is owed to Oklahoma County and was due at the end of June.

"We were told we had to shut down until the fee is paid," said Commons.

For season pass holders the city said it has no plans to reimburse or compensate those families. They say this is like a rainy day and that's a risk you take when you purchase a pass.

The aquatic center will reopen Wednesday for normal business hours, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.