By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

STROUD, Oklahoma -- The
has announced the trooper involved in a scuffle with a paramedic will be suspended without pay.

OHP Trooper Daniel Martin has been suspended without pay for five working days beginning Wednesday and will conclude on Tuesday, July 28. He will also report for an anger assessment. Based on that assessment, further training and/or education may be required, according to a discipline letter issued by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

This action comes after Martin's scuffle with paramedic Maurice White on May 24.

Attorney Richard O'Carroll who represents White was not pleased with Martin's punishment.

"I thought that was just a slap on the wrist and it's surprising to me given the scope and scale and magnitude of this situation," said O'Carroll.

O'Carroll filed a federal lawsuit requesting compensatory and punitive damages for his client. He believes Martin's actions and OHP's response sets a dangerous precedent. The lawsuit asks for more than $20,000 for pain and suffering.

"If we're going to allow troopers to get away with this kind of outrageous behavior that's memorialized on film and it's inflicted on a fellow professional, think for a moment what they get away with when the camera's are not rolling," O'Carroll said.

The cell phone video made headlines around the world and is still getting played on Youtube. Under pressure from the public and political leaders, OHP released dash camera video of the entire incident

O'Carroll said he wants Martin off the force.

"He should not be on the street, he should not have power, he should not have a gun and he should be restrained," O'Carroll said.

During a press conference Wednesday night, OHP took no media questions after reading the statement regarding Martin's punishment. OHP officials said Martin's behavior was not a reflection of the department and it wants to move forward.

OHP's investigation found that the trooper was right to pull the ambulance over and that the paramedic resisted arrest. However, the statement chastises the trooper's demeanor, language and overall handling of the situation.

The patient who was being transported in the ambulance is considering filing a lawsuit.

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