By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY - The country is still in a recession, but that's not keeping one metro business from opening its doors after years of being closed.

The key word is reputation; that's what those who run Laredo's restaurant are hoping will drive their customers back after being closed for more than four years.

Much like their fountain, the business plans for Laredo's is finally flowing. Workers are cleaning and putting up the last few decorations to the building that has been a work in progress.

"We started up construction in November of 2005," Laredo's General Manager Julian Gonzalez said.

But six months has turned into almost four years, and now, under the worst economy in years, Gonzalez is hoping it won't impact his bottom line.

"We feel that eating out is something that maybe is one of the last things that people put on their list to cut off their budget," Gonzalez said.

And after four years of being closed, speculation and rumors have swirled as to why the restaurant hasn't been able to open, rumors Gonzales says have surprised even him.

"I heard one that I killed my brother or my brother killed me and that my father died and we were fighting over the building," Gonzalez said.

But the truth, Gonzales says, is construction of the building hasn't been smooth, including contractor problems and construction costs.

"It's been touch and go throughout the whole process, but we stuck together and feel excited about opening," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said had he known how tough it was going to be, he likely never would have moved his restaurant in the first place.