By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

ARDMORE, Oklahoma -- Most kids spend their summer vacation playing with friends or hanging out around the house, but a 9-year-old in Ardmore is working to make her neighborhood safer.

"I think they should slow down and pay attention to the road," said 9-year-old Gia Quigley.

Gia is on a mission, trying to get drivers to slow down and drive more carefully along her street.

"We've had adults who's coming down trying to drive and writing on a piece of paper at the same time,"Gia said.

Last week near her home, Gia's friend Alexandria was hit by a speeding truck and badly injured.

"He had a young child run in front of him. He was able to to slow down, swerve and avoid that child. Shortly there after, the other child ran out. He was unable, he swerved and couldn't stop in time," said Oklahoma City Deputy Chief Richard Ackerman.

Since then Gia and her friends have put out lots of "slow down" signs. She thinks they're working.

"We had a lady who stopped and read my signs and said, 'oh good, someone finally did something about this,'" Gia said.

Gia wants Ardmore to put up permanent signs to get drivers to slow down, but local police are skeptical.

"Signs, markings on the street tend to lead to a false sense of security that they walk out there, the car's going to automatically stop," Ackerman said.

Nevertheless Gia Quigley is not slowing down. If the city of Ardmore doesn't do something soon, the 9-year-old plans to go to city council and plead her case in person.

Gia's friend is listed in critical condition at an Oklahoma City hospital.