By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Nearly 100 local Iranians protested the recent elections in Iran near the Oklahoma State Capital Thursday.

The protestors chanted "down with dictatorship" and called the Iran presidential elections false and rigged.

They do no support either candidate. Instead, they supported the same rights they have here in Oklahoma and America.

"We were forced to dress a certain way and to act a certain way and it's time to take our freedom back," said one 21-year-old who asked to remain anonymous.

He is from Tehran where the violent and deadly protesting has occurred over the past week and he said he wishes he were there.

"I'd be fighting bare-arms with every one of them," he said. "I'd be out in the street, 24-7, no food, no sleep, I wouldn't need it. I just want my freedom."

A different, calmer group of demonstrators gathered later Thursday to mourn those who've been hurt and killed.

"It's heartbreaking. I cry every day," said one woman.

The group said they hope the violence in Iran stops. More importantly, they said they want a government that is considered inhumane, corrupt and unacceptable to end.