By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- An Edmond family escaped a burning home after two Edmond police took quick action to save them.

Edmond Officers Derek Kennedy and Josh Smith said they were just doing their jobs when they responded to a 911 call of a burning house.

Kennedy and Smith were given awards Wednesday for their heroic actions when saving the Hughes family on January 24th.

The family was asleep inside the home, but didn't know it was ablaze.

"Officer Derek Kennedy, he had been banging on the windows and on the doors and trying to get anybody's attention," Terri Hughes said.

When Hughes and her family woke up, the house was filled with smoke and flames were shooting from the garage.

"The firemen had said, at that point, that if it had been four or five minutes longer, we wouldn't have made it," Hughes said. "They wouldn't have been able to get us out."

The Hughes may have lost their house, but they still have their lives. The family has since put safety first in their household.

Terri Hughes installed a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors throughout her new house.

She also learned to not take for granted the people put in place to serve and protect.

"I wish I could do more for them," Hughes said. "They deserve everything anybody can give them."

Hughes said the fire was electrical and started in their garage. She said for whatever reason the smoke detectors did not go off.

The fire has taught the Hughes family a valuable lesson. In addition to the working smoke detectors, they now have a fire escape plan.