'You Don't Do That In Oklahoma': Senator Mullin Defends His Actions During Senate Hearing

Senator Markwayne Mullin stands by his actions in the tumultuous Senate hearing in an interview with News 9.

Wednesday, November 15th 2023, 6:15 pm

By: News 9, Haley Weger


After an almost brawl on the senate floor, Senator Markwayne Mullin is standing by his actions, saying the Teamsters President needed to be put in his place.

The two had gone back and forth on social media in the months before Tuesday’s senate hearing, and almost took their battle out right there at the Capitol. “There is zero chance I was going to let this guy say that and not call him out on it. That's just how I was raised, it's not who I am and it's not who Oklahoma is either,” said Senator Mullin.

Mullin read a post that O’Brien made to social media, where the Teamsters President called the Oklahoma senator fake and a clown. The post ended with O’Brien saying, “You know where to find me. Anyplace, Anytime cowboy.”

The back-and-forth between the two got heated, and Mullin got out of his seat, seemingly to go over to O’Brien. “I'm not a keyboard warrior like he is, I'm a guy from Oklahoma first, you don't do that in Oklahoma, you don't just simply run your mouth and call someone out,” said Senator Mullin.

Mullin told News9 that he was just defending himself, adding that if he did nothing, people would have called him out for not defending himself. “People say that it's not becoming of a senator to act this way. Remember that Andrew Jackson as president had 9 duels. He also knocked a guy out at the White House for being critical of him in front of his family,” said Senator Mullin.

Mullin, a former mixed martial arts fighter, said he was prepared to settle their differences right there on the Senate floor, saying O’Brien needed to be held accountable for what he said. “In Oklahoma, you don't flip somebody off unless you want your finger broken,” said Senator Mullin. “As a bully, he didn't do anything about it, he just sat his butt down and hopefully it taught him a lesson as much as anybody.”

Mullin says the invitation to “settle their differences” remains open. “If Bernie didn't interfere, hopefully, we would have just settled it and gone on,” said Senator Mullin.

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