Parents Arrested After 3 Children Found In Deplorable Conditions In Logan County

Monday, June 27th 2022, 9:03 pm

ARCADIA, Oklahoma -

Three children were found locked in a filthy bedroom with no way to get out. 

According to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office the discovery was made in a mobile home in Arcadia. 

Park managers who did not want their faces on camera told News 9 they don't tolerate crimes against children. With two people now in jail, they said their now former tenants won't be allowed to return. 

Once role model tenants, Christopher and Evelyn Chang are now both behind bars. 

“They had him in handcuffs and on the ground,” said one of the park’s managers. 

According to court filings, investigators went to the Arcadia home after Google reported child porn being uploaded to an email account belonging to the couple. 

Investigators searched the home and found a bedroom with a locked door. 

“The lock was inverted where it was only controlled from the outside,” said Logan County Undersheriff Troy Dykes. 

On the other side of that door deputies found three children living in deplorable conditions. 

“Urine stains on the mattresses, there were no sheets on the mattresses, dirty clothes and other debris.”  

“They didn't have immediate access to bathrooms or food or water,” said Dykes.  

Neighbors and park managers said they were shocked.                     

“They're innocent, they have no malice, so why would you hurt someone who is innocent?” said neighbor Patricia Valencia. 

“I don't know how you can do that to someone, I mean they are human beings,” said one park manager. 

According to investigators, a teen, who rarely emerged from the house, cared for his younger siblings and told DHS "he and his brothers get locked in their room for several hours throughout the day." 

“It would be like a parent caring for them, but instead it’s this 15-year-old that’s having to step up and be a parent," said Dykes. 

Witnesses said they believed the arrests come as a relief more than just their neighbors. 

“The oldest child had a smile on his face, almost as if he was happy to get away,” said one of the park’s managers. 

The couple is currently charged with child abuse and procuring child pornography.