'False Call' In Norman Startles Quiet Neighborhood

Tuesday, June 7th 2022, 9:01 pm

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

A disturbing 911 call sent police racing to a Norman home. 

According to police the call was made by someone claiming they walked into the house and killed multiple people. 

“We see things like this across the country, the first thought is oh this could be real,” said Norman resident Jeffrey Hodgden. 

And while police determined the call was not valid, they aren't going so far as to call it a hoax. 

According to neighbors, police told them this was a "swatting call made by teenage gamers.” The act of sending emergency responders to a false emergency to another person's address. 

“Look out my window and I see a bunch of cops that have pretty serious looking guns,” said Norman resident Silas Hodgden. 

Silas Hodgden was headed to school when he saw his street crowded with police. 

“Started freaking out, I just put my hands up and look up like what should I do? I looked at an officer like what should I do?” said Hodgden. 

His father Jeffrey was returning home from work. 

“As soon as I came to the front of our addition there were police officers everywhere blocking the addition. I asked him if I could go in and they said I could, but I would need to stay in my house,” said Hodgden. 

According to police the normally peaceful neighborhood was upended by a call to 911. 

The caller reported a violent incident involving multiple fatalities at the house. They claimed they were waiting inside the home to confront responding officers. 

“It was concerning a murder of four people in one of the homes,” said Hodgden. 

Other neighbors said they stepped out of their homes, only to find police seeking cover on their property armed with guns. 

Then, nearly an hour later the crowd of officers dispersed after making contact with the residents. They determined no one was injured, a relief to concerned neighbors. 

“I see this on the news and obviously the more you see it the more scared you are that something like that’s going to happen in your neighborhood. And I feel like we came pretty close today, it woke me up to the reality of the situation,” said Hodgden. 

Whether or not this was a swatting call is under investigation. 

Police have yet to tell us where the call originated or if any arrests will be made.