Golf Store Sees Business Boost From PGA Customers

Thursday, May 19th 2022, 6:18 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The PGA Championship coming to town means big business for one Tulsa store that specializes in custom golf fittings.

Inside Baker’s Custom Golf, Ben Parker is working on his swing and getting fitted for clubs that will help his game.

Baker’s Custom Golf has a machine that tracks lots of different things about Parker’s swing.

Parker said he loves golf and is trying to up his game. "They've been super helpful. I'm already feeling much better about it," said Parker.

He is one of many customers pouring into Baker’s custom golf near 61st and Mingo this week.

Brian Baker said this is usually a busy time of year and he’s seeing a lot of people visiting from out of town to get a look at his shop.

"It's like a destination site where they pick a time to the tournament and a time to go shopping," said Brian Baker.

Baker has been in Tulsa for many other golf tournaments and said it’s always a good boost for business.

“It’s exhausting but it's very exciting," said Baker. "I would rather have this than the alternative.”

Baker said a lot of customers are first timers too.

Parker said he’s already made it out to Southern Hills this week to watch practice rounds and can't wait to get better at his game too.

“It's great for business in that area working through the last couple years. It's a good thing for Tulsa for sure," said Parker.

The golf shop expects to see a lot of business this week and they’re always grateful when events like this bring a lot of people from out of town.