How Mustang Elementary School Students Earn Books From Their New Vending Machine

Wednesday, October 27th 2021, 6:31 pm
By: Mike Glover

MUSTANG, Oklahoma -

There’s a new vending machine at Mustang Elementary School that has grabbed students’ interest.

“When the vending machine first arrived, there were tons and tons of questions because they didn’t know what it was for,” Mustang Elementary School assistant principal Jennifer Hodde said.

After all, vending machines are for soda and candy. 

“They asked, ‘Are you going to put pizza in this vending machine? What kind of food are you going to put in here?’” Hodde said.

Soon, the kids figured out the vending machines were for books, and they couldn’t be more excited. 

“I think it’s like pretty cool, like it’s really cool,’” Mustang Elementary fourth grader Liam said.

For students to get the books, they have to earn tokens through good behavior or for their schoolwork.

“If you get one, you can like put it in the vending machine and use one to get a book,” Mustang Elementary first grader Halen said.

Students couldn’t wait to show off their new books to their friends. 

“They come back to the class with their books, and they show their friends, and that encourages the other students,” Mustang Elementary third grade teacher Ali Holliday said.

The books have inspired some positive competition between students.

“And they’re like, ‘Well if you can do it, I can.’ And they are like, ‘Well, how many times can you do it?’” Holliday said.

Liam really isn’t sure how many books he’ll have by the end of the year. 

“Like four? Maybe probably. Five?” Liam said.

Halen said he’ll be aiming for more.

“Probably like one, two, four, ten,” Halen said.

The administration at the school said test scores are up in all subjects reinforcing that kids really are interested in learning and the book vending machine has added to that interest.