'Class Matters' Provides Resources For STEM Students

Monday, October 4th 2021, 7:10 am
By: Jordan Dafnis


“Class Matters” is trying to make sure all students have access to science, technology, and math resources. 

"I just want young women to know, don't be afraid. It's ok to be the only girl,” said Jayde Williams, a college senior who was a member of “Class Matters” back in high school. “By being able to get these internships it shows me what it's like in corporate America and once again I may be the only female on the team, but it doesn't hinder what I bring to the team." 

Every week the organization works with students in engineering, computer science, aviation and more.   

The group gives students exposure to the fields and helps them find education possibilities after high school. 

The group also tries to build confidence in students who are curious. 

"Just to be confident in yourself and don't let little setbacks hinder you from just going and striving throughout your things," said Michael Chapell, a college freshman who volunteers with the program. 

Chapell said the organization helped him make connections that changed his career trajectory. 

"To get in touch with people who I never thought were touchable meeting with them and networking with them," said Chapell. 

Class Matter’s is hosting a walk for education in November. They will be promoting colleges to underserved communities.  

To learn more visit: https://class-matters.org/