Western Heights Public Schools Superintendent Goes Before Okla. State Board of Education

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 5:02 pm
By: Erica Rankin


After the Oklahoma State Board of Education (OSBE) voted to place the district on probation, a letter was sent to Western Heights Public Schools to notify them of the 90-day probation and what they would like to see fixed.

In that letter, the board requested to see the superintendent and another board member at Thursday's meeting.

Superintendent Mannix Barnes appeared with the district’s legal counsel, Jerry Colclazier, by his side.

The discussion ended up being just more than an hour and a half and was heated at times.

“If people would have come out and talked with us and even asked, you wouldn’t have to ask all these questions,” Barnes said.

One of the board’s members replied to that.

“Before we even placed you on probation, we wanted to talk to you,” said Carlisha Bradley. “That was the whole point of that meeting to hear from you and you chose not to attend that meeting.”

The district’s attorney notified the board during the meeting that he filed a civil suit against the Oklahoma State Board of Education and the state Department of Education.

“The district continues to object to the actions of the state board and the department,” said Colclazier.

Barnes did bring a 12-page letter which was his plan of action to move the district in the right direction on things the board has had issues with, like CARES Act money spending, staff and students leaving and an in-person plan for instruction.

Right now, the district is still under probation. 

Western Heights students are set to go back to class on an A and B schedule starting on Monday. Their last day of school will be May 27, which gives student 10 days of in-person learning in total.