Kindness Comes Back Around for Oklahoma Family That Provided Free Propane During Winter Storms

Friday, February 26th 2021, 6:13 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

When we met Jennifer Webster last week, she and her team at the Conscious Community Co-op in Edmond had their hands full supplying over 10,000 people with free propane during the winter storms.

“We care, we care about the community and we care about the people," Jennifer said last week from her store.

The Co-op never stopped serving their community, even on February 16 when the pipes broke in the Webster’s attic, flooding their farmhouse and destroying rooms on both stories.

“To see the guts of your house, just laying everywhere," Jennifer said.

To make matters worse, there have been insurance problems and repair costs are enormous. 

But the response was instant. Logan Dougherty, a long-time family friend, started a GoFundMe.

“For me it was overwhelming, within the first couple of hours it had reached $4,000," Logan said.

Jennifer, never one to ask for help, initially wanted Logan to take the fundraiser down.

But a conversation with mom changed Jennifer’s perspective.

“She said don’t do that to people, don’t take their blessing, their wanting to give and do something for you and you’re trying to steal it. And so, you have that reality check," Jennifer said.

Local businesses and churches have also started fundraisers and Jennifer’s husband Chris has received help with the repairs. 

“I think it’s a testament that good comes from good. It reminds me that people in Oklahoma stand together in the hardest of times," Logan said.

Life may come unhinged. Things fall apart.  But the spirit of community can never be washed away.

“We’ve always been resilient. I think that’s part of the American spirit. Just a little speed bump on the road," Jennifer said.

You can donate to the Webster’s GoFundMe here.