Metro Tech Helping Retired Nurses Get Back To Work Amid The Pandemic

Tuesday, February 23rd 2021, 5:32 pm

With nurses seemingly working around the clock, there is a call to action for RNs and LPNs that have retired, let their license expire, or simply have not taken the test to become nurses. Right now, there is an urgent need.

If you ask any nurse or health care professional, they will tell you, their job has become exhausting. While many love their job, relief is desperately needed. Metro Tech is stepping in to meet that need.

"We have partnered with OU Health Science Center with the nursing department there, and what they do is they start out with the didactic portion of the nurse refresher program. So, it’s an online course that they can take," Jay Decoteau with Metro Tech said.

Because of the shortage, what was once a six-month program is now a four-month program, getting RNs and LPNs back to work and ready to add relief to an exhausted system.

It’s not just RNs and LPNs. Metro Tech said they have entry level programs for getting people to work even faster.

"So we start at any point, we do classes for CPR, to Certified Nurse's Aide, Certified Medical Aide, and Advanced Unlicensed Aide, and those building blocks all the way up to the LPN program anywhere in the program field," said Jason Lankford, adult instruction coordinator with Metro Tech.

Metro Tech started the program in 2004, however when COVID-19 hit it, the demand increased tremendously. They have had an impact in relieving some of the shortage but said this demand will continue even after the pandemic.

Anyone wishing to start a career in health care can call Metro Tech to enroll at 405-595-4678.