OKC Energy FC Re-Opening Season With Fans Monday Against FC Tulsa

Sunday, July 12th 2020, 5:15 pm
By: Brian Mueller


Energy FC will re-kickoff their season at 7 p.m. Monday against FC Tulsa, 128 days after they were last on the pitch.

It will be the first major professional sporting event with fans in Oklahoma City since March 11.

Spread out spectators will be able to watch a novel concept these days: live sports.

The Energy said capacity will be capped at around 40 percent. Tickets are still available.

"There will be plenty of room for our fans to space out and we encourage it,” Energy FC Director of Marketing and Communications Billy Walton said. “We’re going to have signs across the whole facility to make sure people are adhering to that.”

There will also be numerous hand sanitizing stations. Restrooms will be cleaned frequently and all concession items will be individually wrapped.

"Safety is always going to be the most important thing for us in these times," Walton said. "It will be a little different experience, but I think as the game gets started and as things get going, it will just be soccer on the field and they'll be ready to watch."

A national television audience will be able to watch the match on ESPN2.

Not every USL venue is allowing fans in their home stadiums.

The Energy are hoping they can be one of the teams to set an example for how to play with fans in the stands.

"I think this is an opportunity for us to provide some kind of instruction,” Walton said. “Some kind of blueprint to go forward and move forward with fans in the stadium."

Masks will not be required for fans, but the Energy are strongly encouraging people to wear them.