QuikTrip Working Through Coin Shortage By 'Buying' Extra Change

Thursday, June 25th 2020, 9:10 am


Your pocket change is now taking a hit by the pandemic as the country experiences a coin shortage.

QuikTrip is trying to stockpile coins by asking folks to break open their piggy banks.

QuikTrip said it will buy extra change, a penny for a penny, paying out with gift cards or cash, depending on the amount.

If you go to a QT right now you'll probably notice signs letting customers know it prefers exact change, debit or credit cards. If you pay in cash and need change, it may come in the form of a QT gift card.

The Federal Reserve Chairman says due the partial closure of the economy "the flow of coins through the economy" has nearly stopped.

The Federal Reserve says it believes the shortage is only temporary and will work itself out once more businesses reopen and coins start circulating again.