Oklahoma Survivor Star Talks About Time On Popular Reality Show

Thursday, February 6th 2020, 3:43 pm
By: Kelly Ogle

Only two Oklahomans have ever competed on the hit CBS reality show Survivor, and one of them is Scout Lee.

"I don't know if I would have won," Lee said. "I had some people on the jury who would have voted for me in a big way, I know that."

In 2004, Lee competed on Survivor: Vanuatu. She made it through 15 votes and 38 days on the island, but was eliminated in the final three.

"It's fun to vote people off the island," Lee said. "There are some people who are so annoying, you just want to put their face in the dirt. And when you get to vote them out, oh it's a good night!"

Since leaving the island, Lee's had to give up ranching due to shoulder and knee replacements. She now lives in a quaint cottage on Lake Eufaula.

Lee has become an author, a recording artist and works as a motivational speaker and team-building consultant. But, she said her experiences on Survivor are just as vivid now as they were back then.

"I always feel again, you know, when it's raining out there and cold and shivering. I feel all of that again," Lee said.

She still watches every episode of the show, but declined when she was asked to be on the upcoming 40th season, which would have made her one of the oldest Survivors ever, at the age of 75.

Lee was 59 years old when she played the game before and said her artificial knee limited her ability to compete.

"The fact that I can't physically show myself better in the game, you know, it's humiliating," Lee said. "Given the body I had six years ago, I could physically outdo anybody out here right now."

Host, Jeff Probst, said winning Survivor is not all about being physically fit.

"What makes it fair is that Survivor is an equal opportunity game," Probst said. "Sometimes it's a physical thing you need to do. Sometimes it's a puzzle. This game is steeped in decisions and you're making them as a player all the time, everyday. Tiny decisions, big decisions, and all it takes is one bad decision and you're game is gone."

Lee thinks there are some keys to winning Survivor

"You have to have an alliance and you have to be kind. You know, like Mr. Rogers...there's three ways to win at life. One- be kind. Two- be kind. Three- be kind," said Lee.

And Lee's favorite contestant...

"I love Sandra. She's a funny person. We've camped together for three days with other Survivor people. She's got a mouth on her and she's funny," Lee said.

But, even Lee doesn't know if Sandra can pull off a third Survivor win against some of the greatest people that have ever played the game.

"How will this season play out when you have 20 proven strategies to win and everybody vying for the top prize which is I'm the one who beat all the other winners," Probst said.

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