Norman Mayor Allegedly Threatened, Files Police Report

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 9:48 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

Police are investigating an alleged threat, made on Facebook, against Norman Mayor Breea Clark.

Over the past few weeks, tension in Norman has been high in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Particularly after Mayor Clark issued her plan to slowly reopen the city in late April.

Those who opposed the plan said the phased reopening was too slow, and bad for business.

A group of salons filed a lawsuit against the mayor, and the suit has since been moved to federal court.

On Thursday, Clark said she was disheartened to be the target of an alleged threat that had been posted in a Facebook group.

“I don’t take any of these comments personally. I try to not to. I know that people are frustrated and angry,” she said.

Clark sent News 9 the screenshot from the Facebook group it read:

“Mayor (expletive), needs to be pulled out of office and tried on the courthouse lawn…the problem with politicians, they don’t get hung in public anymore……#bringbackpublichangings!

Clark said the post crossed too many lines.

“Seeking to hurt others, during a pandemic, based on decisions that were made in the interest of public good are just inappropriate,” she said.

Police named Eddie Zaicek as the suspect. Zaicek is a Lexington police officer currently on medical leave.

The Norman Transcript reported that Zaicek said his Facebook was hacked.

News 9 contacted Zaicek Thursday afternoon, he said he was unable to discuss the case.

The group called Re-Open Norman stands in strong opposition to the mayor’s decision.

Yet, many do not support the language used in the Zaicek’s alleged post.

“A lot of these extreme comments are in response to a couple council people that are threatening people’s businesses. Hopefully that is part of your story because their comments are pretty extreme for a public official,” one of the administrators Stephen Steel said

One business owner said that many members are also upset about a podcast hosted by a couple of city council members called Roar and Peace Project because it’s use of offensive language.

Shane Dodson is not sure what to make of the alleged threat.

“I don’t agree with saying something like that. But the way it is phrased, when you say death threat, you think…’I am going to kill you. I am going to do this to you.’ That’s not how it was phrased,” he said.

Clark said she has nothing to do with the podcast, adding we must find a better way to talk about issues we disagree on.

She took action because she is a mother, wife and civic leader who said she will not tolerate this action.

No arrest has been made.

Zaicek is working with Norman police, and investigators do not believe there is any indication Clark is in in danger.