New Restaurants Working To Survive Past Coronavirus Restrictions

Thursday, May 7th 2020, 5:24 pm

Opening a new restaurant can be challenging, and even more so, when the opening date comes just ahead of a pandemic.

But with some innovation and perseverance, those restaurants are ready to open once again.

Clark Crew BBQ and the OKC Vegetarian both opened just months before the virus took over.

Both are polar opposite places to eat but they have one thing in common, they both made dreams reality when they opened up their restaurants.

Both were finding their strides as they got up and running, but things quickly turned around when COVID-19 changed they way they had to do business. 

“I thought I just opened for a month, and now I am going to have to close my doors and I was just terrified,” said Skyy Jones, the owner of the OKC Vegetarian.

Jones’s main struggle has been to get their food. But, down the street, Clark Crew BBQ didn’t even have curbside to sell their food.

“You put $4 million into a business, and then this happens in 90 days, it was nerve-wracking,” said Travis Clark, the owner of Clark Crew BBQ.

They ended up being able to add in curbside service.

Now, both businesses said they are going to make it to the other side and are hopeful for what is to come.