Suspect Arrested Following Guthrie Walmart Shooting

Thursday, April 30th 2020, 9:26 pm


Arther Cloud has been booked into the Logan County Jail. He is the man accused of shooting two people in the Walmart parking lot around 2 p.m. Thursday.

Officers said Cloud shot one man in the back who was near the doors of the store, but also accidentally shot a woman who was with him inside his vehicle. 

The male victim is stable, but the female was flown to the hospital and is in critical condition. Police said she needed surgery.

Upon witnessing the shooting, a handful of people called 911 and tried to care for the male victim. 

“There is a red Chevy-flatbed pulling out the Walmart right now. A black guy, and a black lady just shot a guy in the Walmart parking lot,” one caller said.

Witnesses said Cloud and the male gunshot victim were involved in some kind of fight. They reported racial slurs were allegedly tossed around.

”We started walking past them a little bit, and then I heard if you don’t leave me alone I’m gonna shoot you from the black male. I heard give me my gun from the black male, and he actually shot his wife,” said SirDarius Moore, a witness.

Many accounts reveal the same information. Cloud was allegedly going for his gun to shoot the other man, but accidentally shot the woman in his truck first.

One woman said that’s when he turned the gun to his original target, the man near the doors and shot him in the back.

“He told a guy, you made me shoot my wife. So, he stood over him and shot him again two times,” said Alessa Herbert.

Police said the male victim did not have a weapon.

Meanwhile, Cloud allegedly drove off, and when police tried to pull him over he wouldn’t stop. Investigators said he eventually pulled over near the fire station. 

Officers said the woman with him had to be flown to the hospital for her gunshot

wound. She had been shot in the stomach. 

Police said they did find a gun in the truck.

So far, Cloud is the only one facing criminal complaints.

“Shooting with intent, reckless discharge, and felon in possession of a firearm,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs Guthrie Police.

Police said there were multiple cameras recording the shooting, including GoPro footage from a witness’s car. That will all become evidence.