Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Monday, April 20th 2020, 9:34 am

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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?Photo From pexels

Originally Posted On: https://dlyinjurylawdetroit.com/why-do-i-need-a-personal-injury-lawyer/


Many accidents leave the victims with both physical and psychological injury. An accident that was caused by another person’s negligence can be upsetting. It leaves the victim with so many questions. You might be wondering who is to pay the hospital bills, lost wages, and many more.

The person that was at fault and insurance agencies are required to compensate the victim. Unfortunately, the person at fault may not accept his or her mistakes. The insurance company may also not be willing to pay the victim what he or she deserves.

If you or someone you care for is a victim of an accident and you were not at fault, you should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Detroit. Personal injury lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve and represent you in court if need be. They specialize in an area known as tort law that covers both private and civil injuries or wrongdoings, such as negligence and defamation. The main goal of this law is to help the victim recover and discourage people not to commit such crimes.

A personal injury attorney will help you receive compensation for the lost wages, reasonable medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium or companionship, emotional distress, and legal costs.

Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer can help you with many things. Here are some of the things Personal Injury Lawyer Detroit can help you with:

1. Advice

You are more likely not to be knowing all your rights. You may not even be knowing what to do when you get involved in an accident. A personal injury attorney can explain to you what your rights are and how an accident and some legal issues can affect them.

There are time limits for filing a negligence lawsuit. If you fail to file your claim on time, the person at fault and the insurance company will take advantage of that not to compensate you. You should consult a lawyer immediately to avoid messing up with your legal process.

Sometimes you may not even be sure whether it is you or the other person that was at fault. A personal injury lawyer can help you figure out whether you were at fault. After determining who was at fault, the lawyer will also advise you on the next steps that you should take. Not every accident calls for filing a lawsuit. Some insurance companies prefer out of court negotiations. Your injury attorney will help you determine whether it is worth filing a lawsuit or not.

2. Collecting evidence

Prove it, are the two most powerful words in a courtroom. You may be having visible injuries or may have even lost a person that you love, but you need to prove that the party or person you are suing was at fault. If you don’t have enough evidence, the ruling is less likely to be in your favor.

Lawyers have the experience, and they know the kind of evidence they should present in court to make sure the ruling will be in your favor. If it is your first lawsuit, you might not even know the kind of evidence you require and where to get it.

Personal injury lawyers know where they can collect the evidence they need to prove you were not at fault, and it is the other person’s negligence that caused the accident. For the case of a car accident injury attorney, an attorney knows where to get police reports, when and how to interview the witnesses, where to obtain CCTV footage if any, and where to get a car accident recreation expert.

Sometimes, you may have the evidence needed, but you don’t know how to present it. In a courtroom, even the smallest details matter. You need a professional lawyer to represent you in court and answer all questions on your behalf. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, you should look for a professional who will fight for you till the end. Our personal injury lawyers will never waiver their services until they make sure you get what you deserve.

3. Better settlement

Insurance companies make the compensation process complex so that they can offer less settlement than what you deserve. Lawyers have been helping with people like you for long. They know how and what an insurance company can do to take advantage of beneficiaries.

You should never accept the first offer an insurance adjuster wants to offer. If possible, talk to a lawyer before meeting the adjuster.

It is also wise if you let your lawyer deal with the insurance company. Lawyers are able to assess all the damages caused by the accident and determine their monetary value. They can also ask an actuary or an economist to help in assessing the lifetime impact of the accident. You may not even know where to get some of these people.

After an accident, you will start getting bills from hospitals and other service providers. If you don’t have money in your account, this can be stressful. An accident can also leave you jobless. If you have a family, your child will still need food on the table. Getting the compensation that you deserve can help you recover in terms of health and economically faster. Unfortunately, some insurance companies can take long before responding. A lawyer will help make sure you get the compensation that you deserve on time.


When you need a personal injury lawyer and when you don’t

Some cases don’t require hiring a lawyer. If the damages are not serious and the settlement offer is reasonable, hiring a lawyer won’t make sense. But you also need to be careful when making decisions on whether to hire a personal injury attorney or not.

Some cases that should be handled by an experienced personal injury accident attorney may appear simple at first, but end up becoming complex later. Sometimes the injury may take a couple of days or even months to reveal itself. Remember, you can’t file a lawsuit twice, and the insurance company won’t agree to compensate you again. Here are some of the times you need to hire a professional personal injury attorney:

1. Multiple parties are involved

For the case of an auto accident, it might involve several vehicles and parties. In such a case, a personal injury lawyer will help you identify all the parties that share the liability of the case. The lawyer will also help you determine who among all those involved in the accident is the defendant.

2. Denied claim

Sometimes the insurance company doesn’t want to take its responsibility. If the insurance company is taking longer to compensate you or have denied your claim, you should get professional advice from a personal injury attorney. If the attorney finds out that you are worth getting compensation, he or she will help you file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

In most cases, filing a lawsuit against an insurance company without an experienced attorney on your side, you will be doing zero work. Insurance companies have lawyers who are always ready to fight for them. These lawyers know that you don’t know all your rights and some legal procedures. They will take advantage of your inexperience in legal matters to make sure the ruling will not be in your favor.

3. The insurance adjuster is offering a settlement

It is wise that you consult an attorney before accepting any settlement offer from the adjuster. In most cases, the first settlement offer is less than what you deserve. Some insurance companies use this technique to get rid of cases as quickly as possible so that they can minimize their payout.


If you are in Detroit and you’re looking for a professional personal injury attorney, you should hire DLY Personal Injury Attorneys Detroit. Having an experienced lawyer can make a difference. It can help you win a lawsuit, get the settlement that you deserve, and help protect others from becoming victims of the same accident.

Why hire our lawyers?

There are many lawyers in law firms in Detroit. You might be wondering which among them is the best for you. We happen to have the best lawyers in Detroit. Here are some of the reasons why you should let us offer our helping hand in your personal injury case:

1. Experience

Our lawyers have more than thirty years of experience working on different types of cases in Detroit, including personal injury. We have successfully helped tens of thousands of victims of negligence related accidents get the settlement they deserve within the shortest time possible.

2. We operate on a contingency fee basis

We are dedicated to providing a helping hand to the people in need of our services. Our main goal is to make sure that everyone gets what he or she deserves. After realizing that many people who need our services avoid hiring lawyers because of the associated fee, we started operating on a contingency fee basis. We offer free consultation and only require you to pay after getting the settlement that you deserve.

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