College Recruiter Loses Job After Racist Remarks Made At Metro High School

Monday, March 2nd 2020, 11:00 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A college recruiter is out of a job after allegedly making racist remarks to high school students.

Meanwhile, the man behind the accusations said he meant no harm.

Witnesses said last Monday during an assembly Cedric Sunray, Oklahoma Christian University recruiter, lined up students based on their complexion and texture of their hair to demonstrate privilege.

The superintendent said the message was communicated poorly, and rather than an inspirational icebreaker, the demonstration turned into a hurtful display of racism.

“What was said to the students can be harmful to them for life,” said Superintendent Steven Stefanick. “As soon as our teachers knew something was wrong with the situation, they went directly to find administration.”

Within an hour of meeting with administration, Sunray was no longer employed with the university.

“I believe that mistreating people, and especially because of skin color is a sin. What this recruiter did is not who Oklahoma Christian is, and it's not what I want Oklahoma Christian to be,” said John deSteiguer, OC University President.

Sunray spoke out Monday on behalf of himself in local paper The Christian Chronicle.

He talked about his background with people of color and "dismantling" racism.

"Having done 87 of these exact presentations this year prior to this one, my only regret in reflection is not providing myself enough time to fully explain the purpose as I have been able to at other presentations, as some of the students and staff from what I understand felt like it was not explained thoroughly," Sunray said.

The Harding principal said he's proud his staff and students took a stand against Sunray’s actions.

Stefanick said in the future, they will be considering what kind of speakers they bring into the school.