Maud Public Schools Suspends Students Accused Of Beating Girl

Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 4:49 pm
By: News 9

Jennifer Pierce, News 9

MAUD, Oklahoma -- The Maud Public Schools district has suspended an elementary and middle school student accused of beating up a 6-year-old girl on a school bus.

The incident happened last week and left Dani Kopp with bruises all over her body.

The Maud superintendent said there are always two sides to the story, but he ultimately decided to suspend the accused students for three days. In addition, an adult monitor has been added to the bus on the afternoon route.

Dani's mother said her daughter was brutalized on the bus.

"She told me the two big boys on the bus pulled her under the seat," said Christi Kopp. "They were pulling on her leg and got her under the seat and they kept stepping on her and kicking her."

When she questioned the bus driver about the incident, she was told it was none of his business to get involved.

"The bus driver said she gets off the bus lots of days crying, and it's none of his business," Christi said.

She complained to the elementary and middle school principals and also filed a police report.

The Maud Police Chief said the incident is under investigation but did not mention anything about charges.

Dani has been moved to another a bus. Her mother is pleased the school has taken action against the students. She said students need to know the district doesn't tolerate bully behavior.

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