Roach Infestation Forces Residents Out Of Norman Apartment Complex

Thursday, October 10th 2013, 4:10 pm
By: News 9

Residents of a Norman apartment complex turn to News 9 for help after four months of a roach invasion.

Tenants say the problem is getting worse at Forest Pointe on Highway 9 in Norman. On Thursday, the managers evacuated residents in one of the buildings on a temporary basis.

Tenants say, at first, they were told the roaches were their problem even though the issue started after the building sustained structural damage. Residents tell News 9 the infestation began several months ago when a lightning strike damaged the side of a building.

OU Junior Brent Wolf says it's simple: he wants out of his lease at Forest Pointe because he's tired of waking up next to roaches.

"If you don't want them in something, you have to put something around everything. You can't have anything," Wolf said.

iPhone video captured the pests in action. Wolf says he's documented more than a hundred sightings, and he has been collecting the roaches in a bottle over the last several weeks.

On Thursday, as News 9 was on property, a Forest Pointe manager stopped by to tell residents to make room for exterminators. The manager refused to comment on the situation to News 9.

"I just want the problem resolved," said tenant Christian Buffington. "I'm sick of not being able to live my life."

While the apartments are being worked on, residents have been sent to a nearby hotel. Wolf says he hopes things will be better when he gets back from the hotel. He's just not sure that will be the case.