Abused OKC Pit Bull Puppy Finds A New Home

Sunday, December 29th 2013, 5:13 pm
By: News 9

A pit bull puppy found with his ears cut off just before Thanksgiving gets a new chance at life Sunday as his new adoptive parents signed the official papers and took the pup home to Colorado Springs.

Jones has spent the past month recovering from injuries he received in his previous home. He was found abandoned, bleeding and near I-44 and NW 23rd St. the day before Thanksgiving.

"When we first got him, he was afraid of everything. He was tiny. His ears were still in really bad shape. We were trying to clean up the really awful cuts that he had," recalled Tevin Garner with The Bella Foundation. "We work really closely with Oklahoma City animal shelter and unfortunately there are a lot of dogs that come into animal shelters that have been abused or neglected like that." 

Garner volunteers to nurse Jones back to good health so Saturday's goodbye was an emotional one for her, but she said it was start of something great for Jones. Jones lost so much blood from his injuries that nobody knew if he would be able to survive.

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"There was nothing really good about him, except his attitude, which was just amazing for someone that cold," Dr. Sherrie Hodgson, a veterinarian with Neel Veterinary Hospital, said at the time Jones was found.

Now a month later, Jones is ready to make the 9-hour trip to Colorado Springs where Kayla and her husband will raise the pup. It was a perfect fit because Jones' new parents are a part of a pit bull advocacy group.

"We are all about rescuing and we'd rather take in the ones that people would take second thought of getting and it's about dedicating your time and love to an animal," said his new mom, Kayla. "They really are kind and loving dogs and there are not enough people out there to spread the word."

The paperwork made the adoption official and this addition to Kayla's family comes at the perfect time as Kayla's husband gets ready for an upcoming deployment with the U.S. Army.

The Bella Foundation believes Jones has siblings out there and hopes to rescue them. If you see puppies like Jones, or know where he came from, call 1 (866) 318-PETS.

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