MWC Woman Under Investigation For Loan Scheme

Wednesday, February 19th 2014, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

A former Midwest City loan employee is accused of bilking her business out of thousands of dollars.

Midwest City Police said 19-year-old Kiaira Stimmie used customers' personal information to do it as a gift to her boyfriend.

"You feel violated, you would, anybody would," said Calvin Rooffener.

Rooffener said he did not even know his name was used in a fraudulent loan scheme at an Americash Loan store in Midwest City until we showed up at his door.

"I didn't know anything about it and neither did my wife," Rooffener explained.

According to court papers, Stimmie worked at the business and opened up seven fraudulent loans around November and December. Midwest City Police said Stimmie put the loans under the names of unsuspecting customers and kept the money for herself.

"I'd say she needs to get her life together because that's too young," Rooffener added.

Stimmie told police in court documents she "had bought a carburetor for her boyfriend's Monte Carlo" using the money. She agreed to give police her statement, but then told the officer she "changed her mind because she did not want to make herself look bad."

"They don't realize the penalties they're going to have to pay in the end that that's not the thing to do," said Rooffener.

A spokesperson for Americash said the company is just as shocked as Rooffener. Tracy Stark told News 9 Stimmie had some prior experience and no red flags on her background check, so Americash gave her a chance. Unfortunately, it cost the company more than $3,200.

Stark said the company eats the cost on crimes like this and does not tell the customer because the customer is not responsible for anything. Stark added that the loans Stimmie took out in customers' names do not go on those customers credit history. Stimmie has not yet been arrested.

News 9 reached out to her for a comment and she did not respond.