Community Offers Help To OKC Woman Who Claims Roofer Ripped Her Off

Thursday, May 1st 2014, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

There have been new Developments for a woman who's dealing with a roofing nightmare. After News 9 aired her story Wednesday night, roofing companies across the metro began offering help.

Barbara Holland's roof has been severely leaking now for nearly a year. But she could get a new roof as soon as next week thanks to generous roofing companies.

Holland has been trying to get a botched roofing job repaired since last June. She gave $1,620 in cash to a roofer who she says he worked for "Vital Roofing," a small company based out of Texas. She now has more than 12 leaks throughout her mobile home.

"It's getting to where it's not livable," said Holland.

"We want to step up to this situation and try to correct the wrong that's been done," said J.R. Emrich, owner of ReRoof American Corp.

"The shingles has to have enough slope to it that water will run off," said Emrich as he inspected Barbara's roof.

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Emrich has been in the roofing business for more than 35 years. He was one of at least a dozen roofing companies who offered to replace Barbara's roof, for free.

"It wasn't a good solution from the beginning," said Emrich.

He calls "Vital Roofing," a "Fly-By-Night Company." Barbara says her home is almost to the point that she and her 13-year-old granddaughter will be forced to move.

"This trailer, the water has really messed it up and I can't fix it," said Holland.

"New decking, and new commercial grade flat material, and that roof will be as good as new," said Emrich.

Barbara says, she's she never imaged she would get such an outpouring of support.

"I'm happy [we're] going to get it fixed. I don't have to worry about leaks and holes and everything anymore," said Holland.

ReRoof America says it upholds high standards in the roofing industry. A crew is scheduled to begin replacing Barbara's roof, Monday.