Victims In Armed Robbery At OKC Cash Advance Store Speak Out

Monday, July 28th 2014, 7:43 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police are looking for a man who held up a local check cashing business. This all happened on Friday morning at the Cash Advance loan store near NW 63rd and Meridian Ave.

Despite the scary ordeal, both women were back at work Monday morning, but one of them is transferring. News 9 agreed not to show her face or identify her, but she was willing to share their terrifying ordeal, which was all caught on the store’s surveillance camera.

“He come in acting like he was a regular person,” said the worker. “But I could tell he was doing something, because he was kind of irritated in a way you know?”

It is hard for this employee to recall Friday's robbery without breaking down. The surveillance video shows the man talking with the women at the counter, acting like he is going to apply for a loan. Moments later he pulls out a gun and demands for the two women to give him all the money they have.

“And he kept saying where's the rest of the money,” said the worker. “And I said that's all we got, because we don't carry very much money. We carry enough to make change, that's it.”

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The gunman even gave them a plastic bag to put all the money in. And he doesn't leave until he is satisfied that they have indeed given him all the money in the store. This worker says that's when the gunman told them both to get down on the ground, while he tried to make his way out the back room.

“I heard him open up the backdoor and I could see through the crack that it was open,” said the worker. “So I thought he was gone.”

But he wasn’t and that's when this employee decided to get up, only to come face to face with the robber again.

“He pointed a gun at me again,” said the worker holding back tears. “And he told me to get back down. I thought he was going to shoot me.”

Fortunately he did not and instead made his getaway. Those working at the neighboring businesses can't believe this happened along this shopping strip. None of them were robbed, but this is the second time the Cash Advance has been hit in span of three months.

“It makes you feel helpless because there’s nothing you can do” said the worker.

Police are hoping that anyone who recognizes that guy will call their Crime Stoppers line at (405) 235-7300.

Police say the other robbery happened at the end of April. In that one, two men presented a note in a red folder to the workers, demanding cash and forced the women to the floor. But in that robbery they did not show a weapon.