High Dollar Dives: OKC Pool Featuring Swim-Up Bar

Wednesday, July 30th 2014, 9:16 am
By: News 9

Wednesday’s High Dollar Dive is the biggest bang yet. It is featured on several TV networks to highlight what's hidden away right here in Oklahoma.

Natural settings are all the rage for high-falutin' backyard pools these days. And, one Oklahoma City pool boasts 70 tons of natural native Oklahoma moss-covered boulders, a 900 square feet faux rock grotto with three swim-through waterfalls, stone covered walkways and water features galore.

Inside a cave is a plasma television and high-tech light system. The swim-up bar was made from natural sandstone from Arkansas.

“While he was building the waterfall, he came to me with a crazy idea of incorporating a swim-up bar grotto style that you can swim in and go in and watch TV,” Owner Richard Orthwein said.

The idea man is again, Kelly Caviness of Caviness Landscaping Design.

“People call and ask, ‘where are these?’ They're right here in our backyard. All in Oklahoma. With the grade changes and the setting makes our imagination run wild. It's a blast to be able to come up with ideas,” Caviness said.

If all of these features don't do it for you, they all connect to a 3-acre pond and end up in another giant waterfall. 

It has an unbelievable bathroom, of course. And, as always with these pools, don't miss the night life all lit up.

Now, several of you have asked "are you doing the Mustang home? It's gotta be one of the best around!" Well, it is. It has its own scuba diving haven at 14-feet deep with tunnels galore and its own lazy river. You can see it here.

All this week, we have been showing off some of Oklahoma's greatest pools in our series "High Dollar Dives." Now, it's time for the big reveal of the price tags!

First, the total cost for the pool in Yukon was $650,000. It was the island pool. It cost $90,000 alone to glass-tile it.

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As for Tuesday's pool in the east metro, the backyard cost $1.1 million with landscaping and designer furniture galore. The pool was, of course, the biggest expense… $800,000.

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Wednesday’s big daddy backyard is value is estimated at $2.5 million. Again, that is the backyard features alone.