Red Dirt Diaries: Fox Teacher Goes Heels Over Head For Students

Friday, February 6th 2015, 6:38 pm
By: Karl Torp

Teachers do amazing work. News 9 met one who has rock star status with her class because of her "heels over head" approach.

Ms. Carra Spigner teaches first grade in Fox and has a unique way of keeping her class well behaved.

“It's really cool,” said Alyssa, about her teacher's special talent.

“She stands on her head,” said classmate, Aidyn.

Spigner said she makes a deal with her students each day. If they behave and nobody gets put in “time-out,” she'll perform a headstand at the end of the day.

“Last time she did a headstand, she did it all the way to 100. She broke her headstand record,” said Reagan, another student.

“I wanted to show them something about me,” said Ms. Spigner.

Spigner said the students don't cooperate to the point she does a headstand every day, but it happens the majority of the time.

Late in the day, Spigner said her students start getting anxious about what's about to happen.

This week, News 9 cameras were rolling as Ms. Spigner planted her head on the carpet and extended her feet into the air.

Students immediately started counting, hoping to see their teacher break her record.

Ms. Spigner never hit 90 seconds, but was comforted by all of her students showing their support by giving her a group hug afterwards.

"They can see how proud I am of them when they do their accomplishments," said Spigner.

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