Victim Turns Tables On Alleged Craiglist Thief

Monday, February 16th 2015, 5:54 pm
By: Karl Torp

A man who got ripped off trying to sell an iPhone on Craigslist turned the tables on an accused robber.

Last week, Harold Lee posted his iPhone 6 on the website and scheduled a meeting with a buyer at Pender's Music on NW 63rd St. in OKC. Lee told News 9 the “buyer” asked to check something on the phone and then took off running with the device.

“I looked at my brother-in-law and thought, my phone just got stolen,” said Lee.

Lee went back on Craigslist to post a "buyer beware" message, detailing how a fleet-of-foot suspect got the best of him.

“People started e-mailing me screenshots of the phone and said I think this is yours,” said Lee.

As it turned out, it was Lee's phone, now being sold by the alleged thief.

“I was surprised he had it on Craigslist the same day he stole it. The next day I started texting from another phone, acting like I was a buyer,” said Lee.

It worked. And another meeting at Pender's Music was set. Lee told police about the meet up this time around and undercover police officers also came to the store.

Gerrell Murry, 19, was eventually arrested after initially eluding officers.

“Detectives were putting the pieces together and realized he was wanted for a number of other similar robberies,” says MSgt. Gary Knight with the OKC Police Department.

Murry is now suspected is as many as four iPhone robbery and attempted robbery cases where he tried to meet the victims at the same location.

“It all worked out,” said Lee, whose iPhone 6 is now considered evidence.