Steve's Thunder Travels: Memphis Airport And One Unexpected Drive

Wednesday, November 18th 2015, 4:34 pm
By: News 9

Memphis International Airport sure could use some updating. When I walked off the plane Monday I felt like I was in a time warp, somewhere in the 80's. Certainly a no-frills airport in need of a financial boost. When I returned to the airport on Tuesday I walked in and saw nobody except for one lady behind the Southwest counter, I said to myself -- Is this place open?  So an easy check-in and TSA was a breeze since nobody was in line, they were just waiting on me. This was a blessing due to all the equipment I bring on board with me. Everytime I go through a TSA line I feel like I'm changing tires on NASCAR pit-crew, rushing to get done so the traveler behind me doesn't give me THE LOOK -- too late.

My flight from Memphis to Dallas was delayed about 45 minutes, no surprise there since I knew weather would be an issue all day. The Thunder even rushed out Monday night so they could land in OKC before the heavy stuff arrived.

I love Southwest because they let Photojournalists on first or close to it because of camera etc. Yeah, I get some dirty looks from the A Boarding Group. Just look the other way or look down.  Every flight seems to have that one person that doesn't want to get along with the process.  So I sit down in my usual isle seat, then about 5 minutes later a flight attendant asked me if the two seats next to me were taken.  I said "No", (should have said yes) the attendant said we have a couple (boyfriend-girlfriend) fighting at the gate refusing to separate if they can't find two seats together.  The attendant asked if I could save them, of course the Richie Cunningham in me said "Yes."

The gentleman across the aisle said "Lucky You", oh boy, what did I get myself into, can I move?

So they sit down with quiet chit-chat between the two, you could tell they were on edge and the words were not clean. I nodded hello and quickly put my headphones on because I didn't want any part of this. They cooled down and off we went.

Southwest is known for drinks and complimentary peanuts and pretzels, not on this flight. The flight attendants never left their customary seats due to turbulance the entire trip. My secret to to bumpy flights? A big set of headphones and loud music, hey it works for me.

After too many bumps to count we landed at Love Field in Dallas, not bad, a two hour layover and I'll be home by 7:00, NOPE, my flight was delayed until 9:15.  Wait 5 hours or maybe longer for a 40 minute flight? Not this guy, so after debating with my wife and co-worker I decided to rent and roll home behind the wheel.

I called SW on the drive home it was about a 20 minute wait time to talk someone (hats off to the speaker phone),

I told them my intentions and they took down my number. I am about 10 minutes from home when Southwest called me and said the plane left early and should be landing in about 15 minutes if you want to come by and pick up your bags (go figure?, I shook my head and said, "See you in the morning I want to go home and see my family." CLICK!