A Vine Grows In Oklahoma City

Thursday, July 3rd 2008, 12:15 pm
By: News 9

It's no secret Oklahomans love their wine.  Last year, I traveled to three wineries across the Sooner State, all of which were popular and profitable.

But now there's a new vintner in town. Dr. Gary Strebel and his wife, Sherry have thrown their vats in the ring and started selling their home-grown vino to the public.

The Strebel Creek Vineyard is now the first winery in Oklahoma City.

Strebel says he's grown grapes for 12 years on his property at 11521 North MacArthur and has been making wine since then, but only for close friends and family. It was that group that convinced him to sell it to the public, which he did last year after clearing several hurdles with the state and federal government.

He admits the winery isn't profitable yet, but he believes that's only a matter of time. To date, 1500 people have visited the winery and bought wine and orders continue to pour in.  Strebel has a website (http://www.strebelcreek.com/) is excited about the prospect of selling to a wider audience, but says he plans to keep his business small.

Tune into News 9 at 10 on July 18 for a full report on this Strebel Creek Vineyard.