Smart Guy Dumb Guy talking Thunder taking Aldrich

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jun 26, 2010 6:13 PM CDT

E-mailing with a friend who knows his basketball. Especially Thunderball. Only thing wrong with him is that he’s a serious LSU fan. Kidding. Sort of. Here’s our most recent post-draft e-mail exchange. He’s the Smart Guy.

Smart Guy:
 This was a poor point guard draft a nd you weren’t going to find anyone better than (Eric) Maynor  to back up Westbrook. At the 2, you have (Thabo) Sefalosha, (James) Harden, and new guy Cook. Really didn’t need anyone there and that was the strength of the bottom half of the first round Now you have (new guy Morris) Peterson and (Jeff) Green that can play behind Durant. And Cook and Peterson are veterans that can shoot who can help you in the playoffs more than draft picks could.

More Smart Guy:
The Clippers pick will be a lottery pick so you just upgraded from 18 to no worse than 12. And you got that by giving up a 2nd round pick and taking on a guy in the last year of his contract that can shoot. And if he doesnt work out, you can trade him during the season for real value. So that leaves power forwards and centers. Based on what was left at 12, we got the best available. We have 15 guys that can compete for playing time, help each other get better, and be better than the 8th seed.
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Dumb Guy who thinks he’s a Smart Guy: You write for someone. Dont agree w Peterson stuff but quite convincing. MoPetes best days are behind him. We got a good player in KU kid ;a great clipper pick; a possible future stud in Germany; and a possible 3 guy in Cook--in that order. Right?

Smart Guy: No response--He either disagrees or has better things to do than to share his wisdom with a Dumb Guy.

A few thoughts on drafting the player OKC wanted all along, Kansas center Cole Aldrich:

I liked the pick before his college coach told me that “you guys are really going to like Cole. Great kid who works hard and has tools.”

Why? Character, a true center (second best in the draft), length, toughness, fundamentally solid, can shoot out to the college three point line, has shot 79 percent from line and will fit in with the team concept of Sam Presti and Scott Brooks.

His college numbers dipped from his sophomore to junior (his last at KU) season, but that was mostly because KU simply had more tools and needed out of him what they got. Another double-double season while averaging 4 blocks in only 27 minutes a game.

He can face the basket, has soft hands will become a legit big body to go to war with the bigs of teams like LA. Remember them? The champs that OKC would have at least taken to seven games had they had someone to battle Pao Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

The Thunder needed to be careful and tweak instead of risking too much in this draft. They wanted and needed an inside presence and got exactly that. With a 7-5 wingspan, Aldrich will make up for his lack of athleticism with a good basketball IQ and physical tools.

The no-brainer reason I’m pleased with what the Thunder did in this draft? GM Sam Presti is pleased. Until proven otherwise, that’s all I need to know.

Join the Dumb Guy and John Holcomb tomorrow night as we break down the draft and more on the Blitz. DB