Sooners Pull Out Another Close Win

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 25, 2010 10:26 PM CDT

<B>Random thoughts following yet another tight fit.</B></P><B>The mood in the post-game press conference with Bob Stoops was relief, happiness and concern. Relief that the Sooners survived a game they could have easily lost; happiness because his team is now 4-0; but concern because his defense is playing more like a sieve than those we&rsquo;ve&#160;seen the past 11 seasons. </B></P><B>Is this the worst defense in the Stoops era? They&rsquo;ve got good players who make a lot of big plays, but not on a consistent basis. And the biggest problem is the most fundamental part of playing defense: tackling.</B></P><B>Stoops said after the game that a bus load of family came down to Cincy from his hometown of Youngstown. That&rsquo;s probably why the players were chanting &ldquo;Stoops&rdquo;&#160;in a happy locker room.</B></P><B>Part of that joy was surely the fact that Texas was routed by UCLA. If OU beats Texas, the Horns will probably be an underdog in their game at Nebraska. But beating Texas is not going to be an easy task, even though running the ball is not the strength of UT.</B></P><B>Penalties: 13 for 113! Enough said.</B></P><B>Sure looked like a dirty game to me and it seemed like Stoops bit his upper lip when asked about that after the game.</B></P><B>Game came down to turnovers. Cincy turned it over twice late for a total of four. OU only turned it over oncebut the Jones throw across his body that was picked did not please the coach. Said he saw it in practice and was told over and over to not do that. But he thought his QB did a good job overall. </B></P><B>Stoops couldn&rsquo;t say enough nice things about Ryan Broylesloves his competitiveness. Numbers---10 receptions for 100 yards and 1 TD. Stoops was displeased with punter Tress Way saying the hang time was not goodnot mentioning the fact he&rsquo;s having big-time trouble dropping balls inside the 20.</B></P><B>Big play when the UC fans thought a review was going to show that RB Isiah Pead got into the end zone. But the replay actually showed that his elbow had hit the ground about sixty yards back. It cost UC four points as they went from a TD to a 42 yard-field goal. At that point6:56 of the thirdOU led 24-12.</B></P><B>Attendance of 58,253 was the second best in UC home history. Their crackerjack stadium doesn&rsquo;t even hold that many. </B></P><B>OU can&rsquo;t be pleased with its inability to sack the QB. UC had a nation&rsquo;s worst 15 sacks coming in. And Stoops can&rsquo;t be pleased with Tress Way not getting the ball downed inside the opponent&rsquo;s 20. Almost had one with 3:19 left in the 3rd, but none of the five Sooners around the ball could keep it from bouncing into the endzone. Instead of going 99 yards, they were looking at 80. It was a 12-point game at the time. OU held anyway with Ronnell Lewis running down QB Collaros and forcing a throw away.</B></P><B>But it was a crazy first half. If you&rsquo;d told longtime OU fans that their QB would throw it 34 times in the first half they&rsquo;d have you arrested forwell, for something. Landry Jones has played well, but not great. He&rsquo;s made some difficult throws and missed some easier ones. He&rsquo;s done a good job of buying time on occasion but at times didn&rsquo;t pick up the second receiver (spoiled by Sam Bradford is what that is).</B></P><B>Oklahoma had run 52 plays at half which they hoped would wear down the front four of Cincy. The goal at that point was to add to the 17-9 halftime lead and then be able to run clock by running the ball. </B></P><B>OU coaches were livid with all the penalties11 after three quarters for 98 yards. </B></P><B>Funny first half because Oklahoma dominated at times and probably could have led by more. But Cincy could say the same thing. OU&rsquo;s Jonathon Nelson saved seven points forcing a fumble on a sure long TD pass. And Jonathon Nelson got a pick in the end zone that saved points. So clearly at half, the Cats felt they were in it.</B></P><B>Stoops jumped his guys at half for giving up seven penalties for 63 yardsthree personal fouls, with one going against WR Coach Jay Norvell. Don&rsquo;t remember a time a Stoops assistant got a sideline penalty. Speaking of Stoops and penalties, I&rsquo;ve never seen him more livid than he was in the first half. Especially when a Q Carter INT was called back and interference was called on Aaron Colvin on a pass that was short that would never have been caught.</B></P><B>CB Jamell Fleming hurting a high ankle is not good going into Texas, but true frosh Colvin played as well as Bob Stoops has been saying he would. Starting DT Casey Walker&rsquo;s knee injury is not good news for a team that is already lacking at that position. </B></P><B>Trey Franks emerged as a threat in the slot. When he&rsquo;s in slot, Ryan Broyles moves out wide. Good game for No. 9.</B></P><B>Al Eschbach came up with a new nicknamePK Jimmie Stevens is now known as Jimmy &ldquo;The Toe.&rdquo;</B></P><B>Shanks and divots:</B></P><B>-I&rsquo;m sure coaches would prefer players not watch ESPN as they sit around in their rooms waiting to bus to their game. OU is always favored in every game it plays except for Texasin 10 years the Sooners have been favored more times than not. Since hyperbole is what sells in our business, the vast majority of the time all you hear is that OU should easily handle teams like Cincinnati. That can easily lead to over-confidence for Oklahoma and provide motivation for opponents. </B></P><B>-Cincinnati lost to teams that had not lost: Fresno was 2-0 going into today; North Carolina State is 4-0 after knocking off a good Georgia Tech club by 17 points today.</B></P><B>-OU&rsquo;s opponents were a combined 5-1 after two weeks (not counting their loss to the Sooners).</B></P><B>-Texas was stunned by UCLA but they will bring a defense to the Cotton Bowl. Jones can do a lot of things really well. But handling pressure in his face is not one of them. And UT will bring some heat. You can bet on that.</B></P><B>See you on the Blitz.</B><BR/></P>