MMQB Mixer and OU vs. Texas Quiz

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 27, 2010 11:24 AM CDT

Good Morning Fellow Monday Morning QBs (heretofore referred to as MMQBs). Sure feels great to begin the week with a heretofore.

-Are you more excited about OU’s win or the loss for Texas?

-Are you more excited about the way OU is playing or the way Texas is playing?

-Are you more excited that OU is 4-0 or Texas being 3-1.

-Do you believe OU will run for more than 100 yards?

-Do you believe UT will run for more than 100 yards?

-Do you believe the team that rushes for the most yards will win?

-Do you believe the team that rattles the others’ QB first and the most is more important that the team that rushes for the most yards?

-How do you explain Texas knowing UCLA would not pass but run for a mile in the second half?

-Can you explain how an OSU can recruit on a regular basis better running backs than Texas?

-Will Landry Jones throw for more than 200 yards against the all-world secondary of UT?

-Will Garrett Gilbert throw for more than 200 yards against OU’s young secondary that just got younger with true frosh field corner Aaron Colvin likely getting the start for Jamell Fleming, who was injured at Cincinnati.

-Is this the worst defense in the Stoops era or do you expect them to gel against UT?

All right, you’re probably worn out by now. Tough quiz and I know you’ve got a full day and a full week by golly of answering this quiz with potential MMQBs in your office and at your local watering hole. So take a brief break and we’ll see you in fifteen. By the way, if you’re wearing crimson and cream underwear, an MMQB custom, enjoy our 7 A.M.-midnight Happy Hour. Virgin Bloodies free; real thing for a quarter; Top of the morning jello shots a dime.

Time to go back to work. First let’s stand and sing Boom Soon followed by the Yell Squad leading us in a round of Texas Yuks. Then take a seat as our A.M. mixer resumes.

-Is this week your favorite of the year? (If OU wins)

-What does the loss of starting DT Casey Walker do to an already so-so D-line?

-Have you thought about how many freshmen will walk down the ramp for the very first time then start or play most of the game? Hint - you need more than one hand and perhaps two.

-Honest now: Would you rather have Bob Stoops and his staff or Mack Brown and his?

-Is OU more likely to win the Big 12 if it wins or lose 2-4 games if it loses?

-Will OU play with more confidence because it’s unbeaten or UT because it’s beaten OU 4-of-5?

-Oklahoman or Austin-Statesman?

-Tulsa World or San Antonio Express?

-Stoops Playback or Mack TV show? or

-Barry Switzer or Darrell Royal?

-Schooner or Bevo?

-7 national titles or “lynchpin” of Big 12 realignment?

-Did you go to church Sunday and did you really pray for OU to win?

-Will you go to Wednesday night services and pray for the Sooners?

-Will you go to a shrink, counselor, palm reader, or to your minister for good luck?

-Toby Keith or Willie Nelson?

-Do you realize the UT loss to UCLA made the line shift from pick ‘em to OU minus 4?

-If you had to bet your life on it who do you think will win?

There you go. Quiz complete. A few questions to ponder and to use at your discretion. We’ll have more questions at tonight’s annual Texas week Monday Night Football mixer. Don’t know and don’t care who’s playing. We’ve got more important bidness to take care of. Our speaker tonight is Al Eschbach. Bring your ear muffs. Translator provided. Meeting adjourned!

Bye bye and buy bonds.... db