Edmond Wildfire Victims Deal With Reality After Fire

Monday, August 8th 2011, 6:26 pm
By: News 9

Jennifer Pierce, News 9 and News9.com

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Edmond firefighters are keeping a close eye on hotspots left from the wildfire in Edmond on Saturday, due to high winds. Meanwhile, homeowners are living a new reality.

Some lost everything in the wildfire.

One woman was looking for a wedding ring on Monday. She didn't have time to grab it before the fire took her home Saturday.

For some, the shock is wearing off, and reality is sinking in.

Edmond firefighters couldn't save his house, but they managed to grab some of George Reich's family photos.

Two days after the wildfire, Reich is grateful for the little things. He was lounging in his pool only minutes before the fire reached his home.

"It was like a wall of fire, like a blizzard of embers flying sideways," Reich says."You knew you had to get out, we knew we were in trouble."

George had to fight back tears as he looked at what's left of his house.

"The insurance people have been out here so we've got a long process...long process," Reich says.

Hotspots are still a concern, but it's not keeping the Rodriguez's family from digging through the ashes for jewelry.

However, their search hasn't turned up anything yet.

"We're still looking, fortunately we have wonderful neighbors that put up this tarp for us," Rosario Rodriguez says.

The Rodriguez's managed to flee their burning home. They say that is more valuable than anything they might find here. They have not met with an insurance adjuster yet but several of their neighbor's have including Reich. He says it will be 9 to 12 months before a new home is built.

Firefighters say it is best that homeowners refrain from digging through the ashes, not only because of hotspots, but because of broken glass and other debris that can cause injuries.

At this time, according to original reports, there are ten destroyed homes, three damaged homes, 12 outbuildings, four vehicles and one piece of farm equipment.

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