Consumer Watch Follow Up: Cowboy Cadillac Hits A Skid

Monday, September 26th 2011, 11:38 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

Lexington, OK - Johnny Hoke is picking up his 1972 Chevy pick up truck. But the restoration project is far from complete and it's not even at the same shop he took it to nearly one year ago. That's when he paid Jason Voth with Resurrection Paint and Body $5000 to restore what Hoke called his Cowboy Cadillac.

But earlier this summer, Hoke called Consumer Watch when he hit the brakes with Voth and his business.

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Voth never returned my calls or came to the door at his home. He did finally contact Hoke, who agreed to give Voth 45 more days to finish the work. Now, two months later, Johnny finds his unfinished truck stored at an old gas station. A friend let Voth borrow the space.

"He rented it to where Jason could finish his vehicles plus give him a place to finish mine," Hoke said. "And as far as I know, he never showed up."

Now Johnny just wants to put his Cowboy Cadillac back on the road.

"I feel like Jason was capable of doing good work," Hoke said. "Just for some reason he hasn't been able to so we'll move on and get someone else to finish it and complete the job."

And it didn't take long to find someone willing to finish the work. Wesley Smith with Ambitions Auto Salon saw our original story.

"Everyone gets messed over sometime in their life and I just felt like it wasn't right," Smith said.

Smith and his crew want to right this wrong.

"We decided we want to do it for nothing," Smith said. "I believe in doing good things and it comes back to you tenfold."

Ambitions are going to complete the body work, paint the entire truck, replace the glass and hang the doors, bumpers and grill.

And a big thanks to Palace Auto Supply in Norman for donating all the paint. I'll be sure and show you once the truck is complete.

Now I tried tracking down Jason Voth. His former home appeared vacant and his phone number has been disconnected.