Your 2 Cents: Viewers Respond To Gingrich's Moon Base Promise

Tuesday, January 31st 2012, 9:00 pm
By: News 9

GOP Presidential candidate, campaigning on the Space Coast of Florida, pitched the idea of building a colony on the Moon.

While I appreciate his vision, it seems a little beyond our reach right now financially and with the way NASA has been dismantled.

Here's what you had to say. Joseph first: "If these rich guys are desperate to spend their money, why don't they help shred the national debt..?"

Jeff from Cushing: "I hate to see us totally yield space to the Chinese or Russians. Are ideas a bad thing these days!"

Bill from Alva writes: "As long as Obama insists that an important NASA goal is 'Muslim outreach' the goal of space exploration has obviously taken a back seat."

Marcella from Norman says: "One step at a time to revive NASA before we shoot for the moon.

I'm so sick of Newt saying anything to get a vote."

Chris from Norman: "I'm not so sure if I'm for Newt Gingrich or not, but that's a big idea I'd favor."

Dale in Weatherford: "Newt is right to get NASA back to life it has to have a goal to aim at and more of the same ole puttering around in Earth orbit won't do."

Finally David from Blanchard: "We don't even have the technology or finance to even support a moon base. While I'm at it is this a good time to come up with my idea of a Black Hole Warp Drive?"