Broken Arrow Police Equipped To Enforce Window Tint Law

Tuesday, September 25th 2012, 3:22 pm
By: Dee Duren

If you're behind the wheel of a car, Broken Arrow police want to be able to see your face. The City of Broken Arrow will begin enforcing window tint laws with newly purchased "tint meters."

A state law regulating the darkness of tinted auto windows has been in place for years, but the Broken Arrow Police Department has recently taken steps to start enforcing the law. That's because officers have seen an increasing number of violations, according to Sergeant Ed Ferguson, BAPD Traffic Specialist.

Police say the excessively dark window tinting isn't just a risk for officers making contact with a driver they can't see.

"The dark tinting found on some vehicles can result in reduced visibility for those drivers in their ability to see other traffic or objects, especially at night," Ferguson said in a news release.

"The intent of our enforcement is to target violators that have modified their vehicles beyond factory specifications and what is allowed by law with excessively dark tinting on their vehicles that creates a hazard to others."

Both state law and the Broken Arrow traffic ordinance mandate that vehicles can't have less than 25 percent of light transmission on the side and rear windows, as well as no tinting below the upper portion of the windshield.

Police won't be targeting late model vehicles that have factor-equipped privacy glass on the back side and rear windows, Ferguson said.

Enforcement of the ordinance will begin November 1, and violators can face a fine of $200.