Congregation Keeps The Faith After Church Vandalized In Spencer

Monday, November 12th 2012, 4:48 pm

Ripped off, burglarized, and then this weekend: vandalized. The My Father's House Church in Spencer has had a very rough year.

Members of the church spent Sunday morning not worshiping God like they had intended but instead boarding up the front door that someone ripped off its hinges Saturday night.

"Emotionally it gets to you, especially when you know it's a house of worship," said Misa Freeman, who attends the church.

Whoever did this, didn't steal anything. Possibly because there was nothing left to steal. Two weeks ago burglars broke in and took it all.

"They took all our musical equipment and power tools and, you know, electronic stuff," said Freeman.

And nothing was covered by insurance. The building was in such bad shape, the congregation couldn't get insurance. So to remedy that, this summer they hired a contractor to fix it up.

That contractor was Brian Krafton who was arrested days later for taking customers money and never doing the work. The congregation paid Krafton a $1,300 down payment.

"For that $1300 we got nothing in return."

So, the tiny congregation of just 10 to 15 members started doing the work themselves on weekends. Now, that project just got bigger but without power tools, or supplies or money.

Still this church hasn't lost everything.

"God is still here and he's watching over us. We still have faith to keep going on."

Next Sunday, Freeman says they will hold worship at the church.

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