New Online System Speeds Up OK DPS Appointment Scheduling

Friday, April 5th 2013, 4:37 pm
By: News 9

The Department of Public Safety rolled out a new online system to help cut down on wait times are their locations across the state.

The "in line, online" appointment scheduling system has already had an impact as close to 1,000 people have used it in just the last week and a half. Jeff Hankins with DPS said before you head into the offices, get online and reserve and appointment. It will save you hours since it has not been uncommon for people to wait hours.

Darlene Hartford spent three-and-a-half hours waiting at the Edmond DPS office Friday morning. She got there at 9 a.m. and already had some 50 people ahead of her.

"All of our time is very valuable and to me it's dollars every minute that I'm sitting here," said Hartford.

DPS rolled out the new system in late March. Already there have been a lot of people who took advantage of scheduling ahead of time like Cecilia Stoll and her daughter, who showed up around 12:30 p.m. Friday to take a learner's permit test.

Sign up for the DPS "In Line, Online".

"It's been so great to walk in and have to wait maybe 15 minutes," said Stoll. "It was perfect, it gave us a list of everything to bring and so I have a folder with everything we need."

Stoll said she booked online because she knew how long some of the wait times have been.

"I've heard horror stories of so many of my friends that had to come early in the morning and sometimes wait for three hours for their kids to get their permits or license and so when I heard that there was an online way to do it, I just did it and it was so simple and easy."

Hankins explained the system, which took about two minutes from start to finish. He said users simply log onto the website, choose from a list of service options, pick what location they want to go to, then schedule an appointment that works best. After filling out some personal information, the appointment is confirmed via email.

Inevitably, some people won't use the online appointment scheduling system so after more than three hours of waiting, Hartford shared her advice.

"Bring something to read or something to do because you're going to be here for a bit."

There has been some confusion over scheduling driving test appointments. You cannot do that online yet but DPS said that would be coming in the next