Caught On Tape: Girl Beaten By Two Students At Yukon High School

Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 9:04 pm
By: News 9

A girl was beaten at Yukon High School by two other students, and it was all caught on cell phone video. The video is now making the rounds on YouTube. Police are investigating.

School district officials in Yukon have suspended the two attackers in the video, but the victim’s parents say that's not good enough. For nearly 30 seconds two sisters clobber a girl, who is curled up in the fetal position at Yukon High.

“It’s normal … everyone sees fights and everything,” sophomore Aaron Stone said. “[Students] don’t really freak out over it.”

But students at Yukon High say this attack takes the cake and is the talk of the school.

“We had a young lady get jumped,” Yukon Police Lt. Ron Mathews said. “The blows were swift, and [there] were a few kicks in there.”

Police say the school district has done a fine job handling the attack, but police were called in when the victim's mother filed a criminal complaint. However, students say there is much more to this story.

“When you know the reason behind [the attack], you’re like, yeah, only if they knew,” Stone said.

Students claim the victim in the video instigated the attack by spreading rumors about one of the sisters being pregnant as a cruel joke.

“It was like [the movie] Mean Girls,” Stone said.

The attackers are looking at assault and battery citations. They face $800 fines and the possibility of community service. Their municipal court date is set for June 19, 2013. Police say the victim was seen by a doctor and has a swollen face.