We Paid For It: Housing Oklahoma Prisoners

Friday, May 10th 2013, 11:07 pm
By: News 9

There are more than 50,000 people in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections system. We're paying a hefty price tag to keep them locked up.

Here's how the cost of incarceration breaks down for offenders based on security level.

There are 1,323 prisoners in maximum security, including those on death row. It costs us $28,652 per person per year. That comes to $37,906,596.

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Oklahoma Departments of Corrections facts.

Another 5,970 prisoners are under medium security at a cost of $14,212 per prisoner each year. That adds up to $84,845,640.

The majority of Oklahoma prisoners are in minimum security facilities: 8,243. It takes $13,647 to house each one. The price tag: $112,492,221.

There are thousands more prisoners in community or work centers, and on probation or parole.