Briarwood Elementary Students, Teachers Reunited For Last Day Of School

Thursday, May 23rd 2013, 7:26 pm
By: News 9

All the kids from Briarwood Elementary came here to Wayland Bonds Elementary School to meet with their classmates for one last time for the last day of school.

Thursday was a day filled with teddy bears and balloons, and more than a few tears. But for the parents and students of Briarwood Elementary School, it was more about counting their blessings.

All of the students, teachers and parents who were inside briarwood elementary when the tornado hit survived. Jacob Humphrey was one of them.

"Today was pretty fun seeing all my friends and  knowing all my friends are ok," Jacob said.

Today was a day to reflect on the happy memories from the previous school year, all captured in their yearbooks.

"Seeing all the kids, the teachers that made it and the teachers that protected all of our kids, everyone's kids, is just, there's no words for it," said Kim Allred, a parent whose child attends Briarwood Elementary school.

So today was a day to say thank you to all those brave  teachers.

"I remember Miss Craft, Miss Paula, Miss Colver, and  they were all holding on the doors so the doors would not fly back open," recalls Jacob. "I hope everyone's ok!"

It is also a day to remember those who were not as fortunate.

"My family is together," said Kim. "We pray for those who don't have them."