Humorous Messages Spotted On Moore Homes Destroyed By Tornado

Monday, May 27th 2013, 8:05 pm
By: News 9

Driving through some of the hardest hit areas in Moore, you'll see a bit of humor posted on destroyed homes, such as signs that say "Remodeling," "Yard sale" or "Open for 24-hours."

The simple signs of hope and thanks are spray painted on many Moore homes, and are used as a way to try to make light of a devastating situation.

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On tornado-torn homes, you'll spot messages of blessings, warnings for looters, and some honest jokes like "Gone with the Wind."

The signs show even after deadly storms, Moore still has a sense of humor.

Kelly Leyba says after crying for a week over her damaged home, she posted a "For Rent" sign she found under rubble.

"It just made a really sad and somber situation just something really light and funny," Leyba said.

"I still cry but now they're tears of joy that I wasn't home when the tornado hit."

Leyba said so many tornado victims stop to ask her about the sign.

"I had one lady walk up and actually give me a big hug, and she started crying because she was so sad about everything that happened," Leyba said.

"She said to see the ‘For Rent' sign made her realize, you know what, it will be okay."

The messages paint the strength of the survivors, and show that Moore will rebuild and is still open for business.

Tonya Hacker and her daughter rode out the tornado in their now barely standing home.

She says so many volunteers have helped her family, she had to write a huge "Thank You" note on her home.

"We have ‘thank you' because we really appreciate all the help that everyone's been giving us from water to moving junk and debris and finding pictures and everything," Hacker said.

"It's just too much to list so we might as well write it out so that everyone can see it."