Floodwaters Still Keeping MWC Residents From Going Home

Wednesday, June 5th 2013, 5:36 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

In Midwest City folks were still dealing with some major flooding Wednesday, five days after the massive storm.  

There are 157 homes in Riverside Mobile Home Park near 23rd St. and Air Depot that are still surrounded with flood waters.

Karen Hollis drove back into the neighborhood Wednesday for the first time since Saturday, when she woke up to water flooring her neighborhood and had no choice but to leave.

"My daughter walked my three grandbabies out of here on an air mattress," said Hollis.

A levy broke after Friday night's storms, sending water gushing in. Hollis says the water was chest deep on her.

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"Instead of cars and bikes riding around, there were rafts and boats," said Steve Raymon.

By Wednesday the water had receded a bit, but residents like Raymon who stayed, now can't leave.  

"Pretty much can't go anywhere right now," he told News 9.

As for Hollis, she had to turn back around. The water was still too high for her to get home.

"We don't know how much more we can take of this," she said. "We're tired."

An employee at the mobile home park says they are using a two-foot drain to try and get rid of the water, but with the recent rain it's just not enough. Eighty-six units at the Fairfax apartments in Midwest City have also flooded as well.